Does wealth trump politics in the US?

THE EDITOR: Now it is over, I feel compelled to comment on the lesson of Mr. Trump’s attempted impeachment.

The attempt by Democrats in Washington to remove a sitting US President, represented the culmination of ongoing displeasure by many power brokers in that country, with the reality that of all people, this man was seen by many, as their choice of leader.

Many, or most of those who have expressed displeasure at Mr Trump’s election to the Presidency, have exhibited a type of pathological tunnel vision that exposes their willingness to toe the line for those who might be considered back-room ‘controllers’ of the deep state.

Sadly, the central core that has been driving the historical evolution of US politics and by extension global politics, has been the power of the trans-national corporatocracy and the global banking community – the very wealthiest 0.1 per cent of the global community.

These people control the earth’s physical wealth as indeed through their control of the flow of information; they wish to control the majority of the planet’s peoples.

Any impartial observer must agree, as even the majority of American citizens and indeed those in the global community who have been keenly observing the trend in the ongoing narrative within the corridors of power in US politics, that there is an evolving pattern of blurriness between the ideologies that drive both major political factions in that country.

That there is no room for the ‘fringe’ elements like Bernie Sanders, who espouses people-oriented egalitarian sentiments, or the likes of Dr Ron Paul who continues to exhibit people-centered level-headed views on the madness that we see in Washington.

Starting I suppose with President Ronald Reagan, there has been very little difference between one or the other major political group that vie for dominance in Washington. It is almost as though there is a third force – a hidden group of people with powerful global connections who conspire among themselves to chart the evolution of global history.

They are privileged plutocrats who embrace US corporate hegemony. In China, politics trumps wealth. In Washington, wealth trumps politics. Today, state policy in Washington has become the handmaid of ‘big-money.’

The acquisition of personal wealth has become a global mantra. The real economy has been transformed into an artificial and fragile edifice of a fanciful financial economy that is little different from a global casino with entrenched plutocrats doing their best to keep the trend going.

Adam Schiff has stooped to paint a pathetic narrative of Mr Trump’s communication with the Ukrainian President within the framework of an attempt by the President to disadvantage a political rival. What rubbish! Has anyone explored the havoc the Obama regime caused in Ukraine?

Mr Obama with the support of Mr Biden, had allegedly engineered corrupt regime change in that country. The Clintons via the Clinton Foundation continue to be the subjects of serious allegations of corruption. Much of what Mrs Clinton had preached on the hustings has been exposed as blatant lies.

Today, there is a US President, albeit with his inevitable shortcomings, who wishes to repatriate American men and women located in more than 800 US bases worldwide, including the Middle East, and he enjoys adverse exposure on American media. Adam Schiff insists that “right matters and the truth matters.” Perhaps his hubris gifts him with a lien on ‘right’ and ‘truth.’

Steve Smith

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"Does wealth trump politics in the US?"

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