Diego man home torched, victim chained to gas tank

 - Marvin Hamilton
- Marvin Hamilton

The charred body of a 30-year-old Diego Martin man was found in his home tied to a gas tank.

According to police, they received a report of a house on fire at Plum Drive Extension, Second Drive, Bagatelle Road around 8.30 pm Friday.

After fire officers extinguished the blaze, they found the body of David Strubing.

His left arm was chained to a 20-pound gas tank, police said.

No motive has been established for his killing.

An autopsy will be done on Monday to determine a cause of death as police and the district medical officer could not say if Strubing was killed before his home set ablaze or if he died as a result of the arson attack.


"Diego man home torched, victim chained to gas tank"

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