Spicey jams minister, NCC

Singing Sandra gives thanks to her fans for their support. - Gary Cardinez
Singing Sandra gives thanks to her fans for their support. - Gary Cardinez

THE Trinbago Unified Calypsonian's Organisation (TUCO) opened its flagship calypso tent, Kaiso House, last Friday at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain with a cast of 27 singers. The organisers tried their best to cram them into a programme which lasted for four hours.

They tried to get patrons out of the Savannah by midnight and were almost successful. After the show, TUCO’s president Lutalo Masimba (Brother Resistance) told Newsday, “I really tried to cut down the lengthy hours but I still ended at midnight. I will aim for an 11.30 finish during the season.”

Chromatics was a hit on the opening night of Kaiso House tent at the Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain.
- Gary Cardinez

When it came to calypso, Minister of Community Development Culture and The Arts Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly sat in the front row enjoying herself especially for Chromatics’ performance of his comedic song Outside Man. The lankly performer had everybody singing his chorus with him as he related his role in a three-way situation.

The minister’s joy made a 360-turn as the next performer spoke directly to her in song. Tammico Moore aka Spicey performed Meh Honesty, a piece in which she told of what happened to her after she sang for Carifesta and was pointed to Gadsby-Dolly and her ministry. Carifesta was held in August 2019 and Moore and other performers only got paid in December.

Tammico Moore aka "Spicey" speaks directly to Culture Minister Nyan Gadsby-Dolly who was seated in the front row on the opening at Kaiso House tent.
- Gary Cardinez

Spicey sang "I know she can’t take picong, she should ah pay me early so she woulda never end up in meh song."

The CEO of the National Carnival Commission (NCC) Colin Lucas also came in for a tongue lashing from Spicey for his role as a member of the board of the Copyright Music Organisation of TT (COTT). She said it was a case of himself to himself.

Spicey also hit the NCC chairman Winston "Gypsy" Peters whom she said ran from Kaiso House when things were rough, but she rode it out. Her honesty also extended to the management of Kaiso House for the manner in which she was treated to get on the cast.

The evening started just about 8.10 pm with Kevin Dodds who sang Rebuilding Time. The débutante was well received and got an encore for his effort. He was followed by another first-timer in Vivian Lockhart (Young Poser) who did Artificial World. He had some of his father’s (Poser) mannerism in his performance.

Lani K (Jalani Kojo) sang his life story in Overcome, to the appreciation of the audience.

Another newcomer to the big stage was Aaron Duncan who performed Why are we Here. He has been singing from an early age having performed in Generation X tent.

Karene Asche's Winners Never Quit, Brother Mudada’s Learn Some Spanish and Singing Sandra’s One Day Without a Murder went down very well with the mature audience. Singing Sandra thanked all her fans who said prayers and sent words of encouragement while she was hospitalised recently.

Duane O’Connor is looking at the Calypso Monarch finals. - GARY CARDINEZ

Duane O’Connor's energetic performance of Not in Here made him a sure winner on the night. His song is about the controversial fashion show held at the Trinity Cathedral in Port of Spain.

Kaiso House is full of good songs and is truly a place where excellence is a tradition. Music for the evening was supplied by Cummings and The Wailers with world-renowned trumpeter Errol Ince as a member of the brass section.


"Spicey jams minister, NCC"

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