Stylish launch for Peroni beer at the Bungalow

Peroni beer is described as 'drinking a Ferrari in a bottle'.  - ROGER JACOB
Peroni beer is described as 'drinking a Ferrari in a bottle'. - ROGER JACOB

PERONI Nastro Azzurro, an imported Italian beer distributed by NWT Enterprises Ltd, was launched in style last Friday at the Bungalow on Rust Street, St Clair.

The beer, which was compared to luxury Italian brands like Armani and Ferrari, was paired with a fashion show featuring top local designers such as Peter Elias and stylists including Nissa Laquis.

“As a distributor you are always looking for fresh and interesting ideas globally and Peroni is one of those brands that has been compared to some of the sexiest brands in the world,” said NWT director John Tannous.

Peroni and Adrian Foster, modelled by Robyn-Marie DeSilva. - ROGER JACOB

Tannous, owner of Tommy’s Bar in MovieTowne, Mucurapo said the brand was popular in European circles and was the pick among 150 popular European bars. He said the brand, in its brewing, taste, branding and fashionable attitude reflects the top-tier lifestyle that comes to mind whenever you think of sports cars and high-fashion events.

The beer itself is a light, crisp, pale lager, with a smooth after-taste. It is a very easy-drinking beer that does not have the heavy taste of hops, similar to Heineken, but still has a musky aroma.

“It’s synonymous with Italian style. Much in the same way that people know the Ferraris and Pradas they should know a Peroni.”

Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi (right) congratulates John Paul Tannous, managing director of NWT Enterprises, on the launch of Peroni Nastro Azzurro beer, which will now be available to local consumers through NWT Enterprises’ distribution agreement. - ROGER JACOB

The launch emulated the same style, with Ferrari and Maserati vehicles parked at the entrance, models dressed in stylish swim wear and dresses and chill lounge music playing in the background.

The designs were made to reflect the same style and attitude of the beer. To show off its versatility, it was used in cocktails and even infused into cakes.

“But mostly, Trinis like beer. And this is a barge beer,” Tannous pointed out. “When you drink one of these, it’s a feeling you get that you’re enjoying the best life has to offer. Plus the manufacturing process is exceptional.”

Although the beer has a high lifestyle branding and attitude, it doesn’t have the “high lifestyle” price.

Model Shania Perez at the launch of Peroni Nastro Azzurro premium beer. - ROGER JACOB

Tannous said the beer goes for about $12 in local groceries, and in most bars it goes for around $15.

“Its like drinking a Ferrari in a bottle,” he said, “And all for $12."

Founded in 1846, Peroni Brewery and their beer gained popularity after first advertising in 1910. By the 1960s, the beer became widely available throughout Italy and began branching out to international markets but didn’t really become internationally popular until the 1990s.

After it was purchased by South African Brewers, the brand was relaunched and its premium beer, Nastro Azzuro (blue ribbon), the Italian flair with which it was so closely connected, can be found in over 50 countries worldwide.


"Stylish launch for Peroni beer at the Bungalow"

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