Nude pics in group chat anger residents

SCORES OF residents of Block Five in Palmiste recoiled in horror and anger on Friday morning when a man mistakenly sent nude photos to the community’s group chat.

He subsequently removed the photos but not before residents who are always on high alert saw them. The group chat has over 150 residents. Newsday learnt that the images came in at 6.59 am with a full-frontal view of the man with his face showing. He was standing in front of a mirror.

One member said, “We were not amused. This is a security chat to keep us in the know about crimes. He was stark naked. It was disgusting to me although some people might find it to be funny.”

Another said, “I know for some people this means nothing. But people need to be careful about what they send to other people. Maybe he intended to send it for someone else.”

Some residents are urging the public not to send graphic or intimate pictures to the wrong people.


"Nude pics in group chat anger residents"

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