Chamber encourages workplace domestic violence policies

THE Chamber of Industry and Commerce is encouraging businesses to adopt domestic violence polices.

The chamber, in a release, expressed condolences to the families involved in the murder-suicide on Monday and to to all families of victims of similar deadly acts of domestic violence. The chamber was referring to the murder of Venture Credit Union worker Naiee Singh by her estranged husband Roger Singh. He later killed himself.

"It is quite clear that we have a substantial social problem that is becoming a significant crime problem. Domestic violence is not confined to the home; it has spill-over effects to the workplace."

The chamber recalled last year its crime and justice committee in collaboration with the Coalition Against Domestic Violence created a draft domestic violence in the workplace policy to guide businesses towards developing systems within their own organisations. The policy seeks to address the experience of harm and insecurity that follows both victims and perpetrators of domestic violence.

The chamber reported the policy is publicly available for download at no cost and can be customised to suit an organisation's existing policies and procedures or it may be adopted wholesale.

"We encourage all businesses to review it and consider how best they may implement a policy of their own in their companies. The result may be that you save a life and perhaps help your company become an employer of choice."


"Chamber encourages workplace domestic violence policies"

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