Don't rent San Fernando pavement for Carnival

San Fernando Mayor, Junia Regrello   - Lincoln Holder
San Fernando Mayor, Junia Regrello - Lincoln Holder

SAN FERNANDO mayor Junia Regrello is sending a stern warning to property owners on Cipero Street.

"Don't rent the pavement in front of your premises for bar operations this Carnival."

Regrello said this is against the law and law enforcement agents will deal with it if owners fail to adhere to rules and regulations.

He said temporary bars on the pavement obstruct the free passage of masqueraders on Carnival days and leave no room for spectators.

“That is the government pavement. You cannot rent the government pavement. The pavement is for spectators and the street is for the bands,” he pointed out.

Outlining plans for San Fernando Carnival 2020, Regrello said the corporation has met major stakeholders and they agreed to use Cipero Street, which was not used last year.

Congestion and an upsurge of crime in previous years led to that street being abandoned as part of the parade route.

In the past the masqueraders have found it difficult to manoeuvre their bands and the music trucks because of an overflow of spectators on the city streets. Spectators have been congregating on the streets because bars on the pavement leave no room for them to watch the parade

Regrello said this is a challenge on Cipero Street.

"We need to regulate that, because they are setting up their sound systems on the pavement and the spectators have to look at the bands from on the street.”

He said he has asked newly appointed Snr Supt Cecil Santana, who is now in charge of the municipal police southern division, to put in place a system to address those issues.

“We are now going to meet with the bar owners,” Regrello said.

He said there are recommendations for a Carnival route for bands which will include judging on High Street and avoiding the San Fernando General Hospital as much as possible.

He also said they have met with the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) with regard to the noise level, particularly where the SFGH is concerned, because complaints in the past about the effect it can have on patients. The EMA has made some recommendations for masqueraders to consider.

Details still have to be worked out in terms of bands assembling on Cipero Street, using Rienzi Kirton Highway, turning right on Sutton Street, left onto Mucurapo Street, Harris Promenade, and right onto Chancery Lane and onto High Street, where the judging point will be.


"Don’t rent San Fernando pavement for Carnival"

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