'"Crime' wasn’t a criminal"

Corey "crime" Nicholls shot dead in Deigo Martin - Ryan Hamilton-Davis

COREY “CRIME” NICHOLLS, 39, who was shot dead near his Farfan Street, Diego Martin home, was no criminal, his family said at the Forensic Science Centre in St James.

“Ok, big man thing, all he used do was sell his little weed,” one relative said. “But he was no gunman, he was no badjohn or anything. He never interfered with anybody.”

Relatives described him as a “cool fella” who was loved by everyone.

“He liked to go to parties, and that is it. He wasn’t a bad boy. He wasn’t violent. He was always to himself.”

Family members are still trying to find out why anyone would want to kill him, but some believed he might have been killed by people from the area.

“He probably grew up with them on the block,” said one relative.

Nicholls was killed along with a 22-year-old Venezuelan man identified as Edgar Yamil Viaje Mohammed.

Police said the two were at the La Puerta Recreation Ground at the end of Farfan Street at about 3.30 pm when gunmen ambushed and shot them several times. The men died on the spot.

Police are still trying to pin down a motive for the shooting, but sources indicated it might have something to do with a shooting which occurred days before.

No one was hurt in that incident.

Relatives of Mohammed were also at the Forensic Science Centre, but declined to comment.


"'"Crime' wasn’t a criminal""

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