The PoS pan crawl on Sunday

MTHL Starlift Steel Orchestra -
MTHL Starlift Steel Orchestra -

SINCE preliminary judging for National Panorama competitions in respective panyards began back in 2002, pan lovers, particularly in the Port of Spain area, have taken a special joy in following the judges of the Large Band category from band to band, for what is now known as the “pan crawl.”

This Sunday, the pan crawl to hear the seven bands in the Northern Region will start from 7 pm at the Massy Trinidad All Stars on Duke Street, with thousands of pan aficionados expected to be on the move, listening attentively for later comparisons. Then it’s on to the next stop by reigning champs BP Renegades on Charlotte Street.

By this time the crowd normally thickens, so some pan fanatics will try to get the next band to be judged, Nutrien Silver Stars, on Tragarete Road, Newtown, to catch the performance before heading some yards away to hear Shell Invaders, which is usually based at the Queen’s Park Oval car park on Tragarete Road car park for the occasion.

The next stop is at the MHTL Starlift panyard on Christopher Samuel Drive in Mucurapo, then on to HADCO Phase II on Hamilton Street in Woodbrook, that is expected to be jam packed, as will the panyard of 11-time winners Desperadoes on Tragarete Road.

At the end of the night, there will be lots of friendly bets on how bands are fearing, going into the semi-final on February 9.

Following are the dates and order in which the bands will play from Sunday.

Judging will continue in the East, South/Central and Tobago regions until February 5.

Band - song (composer) - arranger

North Region

Massy Trinidad All Stars*More Sokah (Nailah Blackman)*Leon “Smooth” Edwards

BP Renegades*Wrong Again (Shirlan “Skinny Banton” George)*Duvone Stewart

Nutrien Silver Stars*Dear Promoter (Aaron “Voice” St Louis/Kees Dieffenthaller)*Liam Teague

Shell Invaders*Feeling It (Swappi)*Arddin Herbert

MHTL Starlift*Wrong Again (Shirlan “Skinny Banton” George)*Dante Pantin

HADCO Phase II Pan Groove*2020 Vision (Len “Boogsie” Sharpe)*Len “Boogsie” Sharpe

Desperadoes*More Sokah (Nailah Blackman)*Carlton “Zanda” Alexander

February 3, 7 pm

Tobago Region

RBC Redemption Sound Setters*Wrong Again (Shirlan “Skinny Banton” George)*Michael Toby

NLCB Buccooneers*Feeling It (Swappi)*Seion Gomez

February 4, 7 pm

East Region

Birdsong*More Sokah (Nailah Blackman)*Robert Greenidge

Republic Bank Exodus*Dear Promoter (Aaron “Voice” St Louis/Kees Dieffenthaller)*Terrence “BJ” Marcelle

First Citizens Supernovas*Dear Promoter (Aaron “Voice” St Louis/Kees Dieffenthaller)*Amrit Samaroo

February 5-7 pm

South/Central region

TTEC Tropical Angel Harps*More Sokah (Nailah Blackman)*Clarence Morris

CAL Skiffle*Wrong Again (Shirlan “Skinny Banton” George)*Marc Brooks/Kendall Williams/Odie Franklin

Antillean All Stars*Savannah Grass (Kees Dieffenthaller)*Glen “Zola” Williams

NLCB Fonclaire*Dear Promoter (Aaron “Voice” St Louis/Kees Dieffenthaller)*Darren Sheppard

NGC La Brea Nightingales*Dear Promoter (Aaron “Voice” St.Louis/Kees Dieffenthaller)*Vanessa Headley


"The PoS pan crawl on Sunday"

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