Son pulls murdered father from La Romaine drain

Jason Calliste -
Jason Calliste -

MOMENTS after a father of four was shot near his La Romaine home, his eldest son, 20-year-old Yusif Calliste, pulled him out of a drain and held him as he took his final breath.

Jason Calliste, 42, and his son were liming with neighbours near their home at Cedar Grove, La Romaine when Jason Calliste was shot and killed at about 7.45 pm on Tuesday.

Police said a white Nissan Tiida pulled up in front of the group and four masked men got out and started shooting. The group scattered but Calliste was shot several times in the head and chest. He then stumbled from a flight of stairs into a drain.

Neighbours were awakened by the noise.

One witness said when he heard the gunshots he was shocked.

“I was sleeping and I jump up and then I saw Yusif in my yard with other men. He was out of breath. He could not speak at that point in time.”

After the car drove off, McLeod said, the young man ran to the front of the house and saw his father in the drain.

“He thought that his father was with him when they ran away. He pulled his father from the drain as he took his last breath.”

McLeod said it was one of the most traumatising things to watch.

“I still can’t even function properly. I went to work this morning and had to come back home. I keep seeing the body and blood in front of me. The crime situation in this country is just getting worse every day.”

Calliste's youngest child is nine.

The witness said, “After the gunmen left, his other children came outside and saw their father’s body and they began screaming and crying. It was so sad to watch. I know all these children will need counselling.”

Calliste was a truck driver with the San Fernando City Corporation.

No arrests have been made. Police of Homicide Region Three are investigating.


"Son pulls murdered father from La Romaine drain"

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