Udecott head after Red House leaks: 'I'm 100% satisfied'

Noel Garcia. -
Noel Garcia. -

NOEL Garcia, chairman of the Urban Development Corporation (Udecott), says he could not be more satisfied with work done by all contractors on the $441 million Red House restoration.

The Red House on Abercromby Street, Port of Spain, formally opened on Friday with a gala ceremony. However, on Tuesday, considerable leaks became apparent during heavy rain.

Newsday visited the Red House on Wednesday and saw a representative of Udecott and several contracted workers on the ground and rooftop, none of whom were willing to speak to the media.

Garcia was subsequently contacted to comment on when the repairs should be complete.

He said: "I wouldn't know. Unfortunately, I'm not an architect (or) engineer. But I will find out, because I cannot answer that off the bat.

Garcia was also asked if he was satisfied with Construction Services and Supplies Ltd, the contractor for the roof, which cost $21.1 million, and all the other contractors.

He replied: "Of course, 100 per cent satisfied."

The two leaks, in the rotunda and senate chamber, he said, was not of major concern since Udecott will not be responsible for the
repairs, as the problem arose during the one-year defects liability period. He compared it to warranties which comes with the purchase of new vehicles.

"Why are people getting so excited? When you buy a car from Toyota, don't you get a defects liability period? Because you can expect that within that time, defects may arise and those defects are dealt with.

"If you buy a Mercedes-Benz or a Rolls Royce, (they have) defects liability periods, because you expect in that period, things may go wrong."

The public, he said, is getting carried away with sensational news, instead of celebrating success, such as the opening of the Red House.

"You know, I just find in this country, we just not seeming to celebrate success. All we celebrate is negative things.

"So, in a capsule: we will fix it (the roof). We will fix it, in a matter of, I would say, if not today, then, hopefully, by tomorrow," said Garcia.


"Udecott head after Red House leaks: ‘I’m 100% satisfied’"

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