Show what is national pride at the election

THE EDITOR: For several weeks now we have heard a lot about national pride. What is national pride? Can someone please tell me?

Is national pride spending billions of dollars on the restoration of old buildings at a time when those in charge of the treasury claim there is no money?

Is national pride building highways also to the tune of billions of dollars while many go without jobs?

Is national pride selling all our state assets while our schools remain in shambles?

Is national pride a government allowing thousands of migrants to live and work in our country tax free, while our hospitals go without medication?

This Government doesn’t seem to care, as so many times we have seen it show blatant disregard for citizens and our basic needs.

I implore all eligible voters, let us exhibit a strong sense of national pride when the general election comes around and send a resounding message that we are well aware of what it means and will no longer allow ourselves to be divided along racial lines. That is the best example of national pride.




"Show what is national pride at the election"

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