A parent whose child attends Tablepiece Government Primary School has described a Standard Five boy at the school as "totally out of control" after he allegedly sexually assaulted students and a teacher and placed a toy gun to the head of the school's Principal.

The latest incident took place on Wednesday and resulted in a five-day suspension of the student.

Shortly after lunchtime on Wednesday, parents were called in to remove their children from the school, situated along Arnos Vale Road, Les Coteaux, as the boy, 12, went on a rampage.

Newsday visited the school when classes ended on Friday and one parent, speaking on the condition of anonymity, recounted what happened on Wednesday.

“I received the call saying to pick up my child. I was told that this child came to school with a toy gun, placed the gun to the Principal’s head and threatened to shoot the Principal. I was told that he also threatened to shoot a teacher, as well as he raised up the teacher’s dress and feel her 'bottom.'”

She said female students have also been assaulted on the school’s compound by the boy.

“Up to Tuesday, he assaulted a child in the corridor…feel up the child, feel their private parts. While he also threatens other male students, one child said he even told him that he would stab him and put them in a body bag.

“He is totally out of control, something needs to be done, we cannot continue like this. I don’t feel safe dropping my child off here anymore,” she said.

The parent said previously the boy’s parents/guardians were called in and reports were made to Social Services, the community police and the Child Protection Unit.

Outgoing TTUTA Tobago Officer, Orlando Kerr told Newsday that the Division of Education has to deal with the matter as it was troubling.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Tobago, Vernon Roberts declined to say much noting that the situation involved a minor. Roberts said the Child Protection Unit is actively looking into the matter.

Tobago House of Assembly (THA) Chief Secretary and Secretary of Education, Kelvin Charles said that he is aware of the situation.

Charles said, “The Division is on top of it and appropriate actions taken.”



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