Judge orders immediate release of Laventille man

A High Court judge on Friday ordered the immediate release of a Laventille man who was arrested on January 20, at the Besson Street police station when he went to report there as part of his bail conditions.

The man, who police said was arrested in connection with a series of murders, robberies, and firearm-related offences, was held for 92 hours before his lawyers, Wayne Sturge, Alexia Romero, Shirvani Ramkissoon, Kirby Joseph, and Amit Mahabir, filed an application seeking his release.

Late Friday, Justice Nadia Kangaloo, who granted the writ, ordered the 21-year-old’s release. The construction worker of Upper Picton Road, Dan Kelly, and the father of three children, went to the police station to report in as part of his bail conditions for which he is before the court on another matter.

His cellphone was taken from him and he was arrested. He was also told by police they had to check if there were any warrants in his name.

The man said he was put in a cell and made to lie on the cold concrete floor for days. There was garbage on the ground and the cell smelled like spoiled food. Three days after being arrested, he was interviewed by homicide officers but was not told why he was arrested.

In court, police claimed he was wanted in connection with six murders and other offences, including robberies and possession of illegal firearms, however, the evidence provided by them to the judge, showed that he was only questioned about two murders.

In ordering his immediate release, Kangaloo agreed with the man’s attorneys that the police could not show that his release would jeopardise their investigations as they were still ongoing.

She also agreed that the police failed to justify the man’s continued detention beyond the permitted 48 hours. Kangaloo also ordered the police commissioner to pay the man's legal cost which is to be assessed.


"Judge orders immediate release of Laventille man"

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