Israel Khan wants weather vane returned to Red House

Israel Khan
Israel Khan

SENIOR Counsel Israel Khan wants the sea-serpent weather vane restored and returned to the top of the Red House.

The Parliament returned to its original seat at the Red House on Friday.

Khan said the newly renovated and restored Red House was “a beauty to behold and all Trinbagonians should be proud of this iconic building.”

He congratulated the Government for a “job well-done” in restoring the Red House.

“I now call upon the Government to restore the historical resident sea serpent as the weather vane atop the Red House which was removed on midnight of January 11, 1992 as a thief in the night after the People’s National Movement was re-elected to govern the country in 1992.

“After all, the Red House still stands as the seat of our Nation’s Parliament and a symbol of fortitude and democracy for all the people of Trinidad and Tobago,” he said in his request.

“It is of interest to note that the removed/stolen sea serpent was atop the Red House for the past eighty-five years until it was unceremoniously removed on the grounds of superstition and obeah beliefs,” he added.

The sea-serpent weather vane was replaced with a dove, bearing an olive branch in its beak.


"Israel Khan wants weather vane returned to Red House"

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