Guaico Pres Primary does a double

Guaico Presbyterian Primary School took first place with their performance of Savannah Grass in the primary schools category of the Junior Panorama competition.   - SUREASH CHOLAI
Guaico Presbyterian Primary School took first place with their performance of Savannah Grass in the primary schools category of the Junior Panorama competition. - SUREASH CHOLAI

Guaico Presbyterian Primary School has held on to its National Junior Panorama (primary) title for 2020. Their winning performance of Savannah Grass by Kes earned them 283 points– four points ahead of second place winner St Margaret's Boys' AC Primary School– at the Queens Park Savannah on Sunday.

Playing in position ten, the youngsters brought the excitement to the competition with the composition arranged by Tristan Marcano. They won the trophy in 2019 playing Nailah Blackman’s Iron Love which was arranged by Kayle Noel.

St Margaret's Boys' AC Primary School placed second with Savannah Grass. - SUREASH CHOLAI

St Margaret's Boys' was also a crowd favourite and their distinctive performance received a standing ovation.

The 11-time champs kept the energy going, also performing Savannah Grass. The performance was not only enjoyed by the children, as spectators gathered at the sides of the stage were seen dancing. They received a score of 279 points.

Another highlight of the competition, St Mary's Government Primary School, playing Sometimes by Leadpipe, placed third with 262 points.

St Mary's Government Primary School placed third with their performance of Sometimes by Leadpipe during the Junior Panorama competition. - SUREASH CHOLAI

The competition got off to a smooth start just after 9.30 am with the first performance by Tacarigua Presbyterian Primary School. The band which placed fourth in 2019, performing Iron Love by Nailah Blackman, was off to a strong start performing Savannah Grass by Kes. Their playing was clear and they were able to move the audience.

Twelve primary schools participated in the competition this year.

BATCE earns its place

In the secondary schools category, Bishop Anstey and Trinity College East (BATCE) took home the top prize. They played Patrice Roberts’ This Is The Place to earn 277 points to trump a field of ten. They placed fourth last year with Full of Vibe by Voice and Marge Blackman.

In second place was St Francois Girls College (272 points) playing Erphaan Alves’ Soca Global.

PAN CAPTAINS: Bishop Anstey and Trinity College East players gave an energetic performance to win the National Junior Panorama (Secondary) 2020 competition at the Queen's Park Savannah in Port of Spain on Sunday. PHOTO BY SUREASH CHOLAI - SUREASH CHOLAI

Defending champs, NAPS Combined Steel Orchestra (Naparima Girls High & Naparima College) had to settle for a tie for third place with Providence Girls/Queens Royal College. They both amassed 263 playing Aaron Duncan’s Back to Basic and V’ghn’s Trouble in the Morning respectively.

GETTING DOWN: Second place winners St Francois Girls College play Erphaan Alves' Soca Global. PHOTO BY VIDYA THURAB - Vidya Thurab

Third place winners Naparima Girls High and Naparima college plays Aaron Duncan's 'Back to Basic'at the National Schools/Junior Panorama 2020, Queen's Park Savannah on Sunday. - Vidya Thurab

21 and Under non-school bands

Topping a field of ten in the 21 and Under non-school bands category was Trinidad All Stars Youth Steel Orchestra playing, in position number one, Machel Montano’s The Fog (285 points). They were followed by bp Renegades Youth Steel Orchestra earning 282 points playing Trouble in the Morning. Last year’s winner Shell Invaders Youth Steel Orchestra had to settle for a close third place, also playing Trouble in the Morning, to earn 281 points.

In his feature address, Education Minister Anthony Garcia said pan plays a big part in schools and he will ensure it plays a vital part of the school's syllabus.

"We teach children more than we teach subjects. This is why the curriculum is so important in the education system. What we do and how we do it are very important ingredients in ensuring our children enjoy the best of what is being offered at the level of the Ministry of Education.

He added, "The element of discipline and commitment are things the curriculum won't teach us and won't teach our children."

Garcia applauded all schools for demonstrating a high level of commitment in the Multi-Cultural Music Programme. "It tells us, in the most dramatic form, that pan remains an integral part in the education system in TT. It will start at the lowest level and we are committed to ensuring, throughout the education system, that pan remains alive."
With reporting by Sean Douglas


"Guaico Pres Primary does a double"

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