Where are the civic-minded businesses?

THE EDITOR: I have seen letters in the newspapers complaining about potholes in roads all over the country. So I ask myself: do we have citizens with commercial and industrial businesses?

Take a drive by Atlantic Plaza in Point Lisas and you will encounter a pothole the size of a crater. So where is the landlord of the mall or the Point Lisas Industrial Estate? Why can’t they have the pothole filled so that people can have a pleasant entry to the mall from the western gate?

A drive along Gaston Street in Chaguanas is like a drive on the ocean. So the business people along this street cannot have the road repaired so that the vehicles of their workers and customers can “kiss” the road properly?

And the road at the back of PriceSmart in Chaguanas can’t be fixed by the businesses of that mall?

The Carlsen Field Road helps alleviate the traffic on the Chaguanas Main Road, so why can’t the businesses there provide some materials to fill the potholes? The residents are not asking for a runway.

We keep asking for individual citizens to be civic minded, but where is the civic minds of these industrial and commercial business owners.


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"Where are the civic-minded businesses?"

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