The UNC and Caribbean unity

THE EDITOR: It is a matter of considerable pain that the present woefully-misguided leadership of the UNC – “united” in its present client-State relationship with Yankee imperialism and oppression – displays the same kind of shameful obsession with regime change in Venezuela as that of its Yankee slave master.

Both the UNC and the US government show scornful disrespect for the freedom and integrity of the peoples of the Caribbean who prefer to maintain fraternal relations with the Venezuelan government, and to respect the right of the Venezuelan people to freely choose their government without being subjected to externally-imposed economic sanctions, monetary inflation, and other forms of economic, political and propaganda warfare.

The UNC is in no way embarrassed in supporting the US Secretary of State in a blatant public attempt to “buy” some Caribbean leaders in order to break the unity of the Caribbean Community as it pertains to relations with Venezuela.

Indeed, the UNC shows even more disrespect when it berates the Rowley government for not having been invited to sit at the diplomatic table with the slave master.

The Caribbean house slaves who choose today to sit at the table with the slave master would learn tomorrow that “massa day done.”

I write to remind that this country should be proud of governments that have steadfastly opposed the slave master while supporting the struggle for liberation from oppression – from Chaguaramas to South Africa, and from Grenada to Venezuela.

The UNC was established by those who stood with the oppressed, and who, I know, would not support the slave master’s war on the present Venezuelan government. It is now led by those who have abandoned the oppressed while standing, shamelessly so, beside the oppressor.

We can only hope and pray that the next general election would deliver such results as would pave the way for the UNC to return to its rightful position of “standing with the oppressed.”


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"The UNC and Caribbean unity"

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