Garcia: We are teaching vocational skills

Education Minister Anthony Garcia -
Education Minister Anthony Garcia -

Education Minister Anthony Garcia said vocational skills are being taught in the education system. President Paula-Mae Weekes, speaking Friday at the presentation of awards to the 2019 President’s Medal winners, said that not enough was being done to develop and encourage non-academic skills and non-traditional careers and equal focus should be given to students who want to become mechanics and electricians as those who want to become doctors and lawyers.

Garcia responded to her statement during a Newsday interview following the re-opening of the Red House and the return of the Parliament to the Red House.

He said in the education system “we are doing just that”. He explained for quite some time in secondary schools those skills, trades and technical vocational subjects have been taught.

“In the tertiary education sector we have been doing exceptionally well where that is concerned. We have MIC, we have YTEPP, we have COSTAATT (and) all of these institutions are really doing yeoman’s service to ensure that our students are equipped with the necessary skills that will take us forward.

“My response is that yes I understand what the President said, what her Excellency said, but we have been doing that. Perhaps it is not being shared and we recognise therefore that what we are doing needs to be shared a little more with the wider community.”


"Garcia: We are teaching vocational skills"

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