2 shot dead in Laventille

Two men are dead after gunmen opened fire on the vehicle they were in while driving through Laventille on Saturday morning. A third man is in hospital and a woman, who was a passenger, escaped unhurt.

Police report that Marvin Pierre, 46, a PH driver of Block 22, Laventille was carrying passengers in his beige Toyota Corolla when the attack occurred at about 5.20 am. The passengers were Jason Fernando, 31, Aco Samuel, both of Block 22, and Jenelle Jackson of Trincity.

As Pierre drove east along Laventille Road he tried to go around a black garbage bin in the middle of the road but two gunmen came out from a nearby track and fired at the car.

Pierre and Fernando died on the scene. Samuel was taken to the Port of Spain General Hospital and is undergoing treatment.

Jackson was unhurt and is the protective custody of the police.


"2 shot dead in Laventille"

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