Music fusion can attract young to pan

THE EDITOR: The Soaka fete last Friday night at the QP Savannah was great because of the “playoffs” between the steelbands – Desperadoes, Renegades, All Stars – and the rhythm sections and various DJs, with the music alternating back and forth between these groups.

The mix of music was great, generating a lot of excitement due to this creative melding of these pan/rhythm/DJ sounds that kept the party humming all night.

By the way, 90 per cent of the 2,500 people there were between 25 and 35 years old.

And then it clicked. This creative melding of sounds could be equivalent to the excitement which T20 cricket brought to cricket. Because of this excitement, T20 attracted a much younger audience to cricket – who had stayed away because they found Test cricket over five days too boring.

In the same way, this music fusion of pan/rhythm sections/DJs can have a similar catalytic effect in attracting a much younger audience to pan?

Your thoughts?




"Music fusion can attract young to pan"

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