Eight soca artistes collab on new track

EIGHT soca artistes have blended their voices to create a track called Sun Goes Down done by Precision Productions.

A teaser was shared on social media on Friday morning, giving listeners an idea of what they can expect.

Precision Productions is owned and run by Kasey Phillips.

Phillips told Newsday, via Whatsapp, the song will be released on Monday. He said he had the song for about a year or two now.

“I wrote the chorus. I always liked it but I did not know exactly what to do with it. I did not know which artiste to work on it with. So I got the idea to just try and blend a bunch of artistes kind of following somewhat of the Major Lazer (Jamaican-American music trio) model.”

He said he decided to do a "blend of all the artistes."

The teaser included Voice, Nailah Blackman, Swappi, Skinny Fabulous, Nadia Batson, Sekon Sta, Preedy and Iwer George as the contributing voices.

Phillips said these were the artistes he managed to convince as others were either too busy or did not understand his vision.

He added that using such a large blend of voices was never done in soca to that degree before, so he decided to try it.

“It was more like convincing to say ‘Hey I am trying an experiment. Trust me. I need pieces of verses from everybody and I am going to try to create this one experimental song with multiple artistes,’” he said.

He said took somewhere between eight months to a year to complete.

Anson Soverall, Nailah Blackman’s manager, said the recording process was very simple as each artiste was sent a full demo and asked to sing the song and add their own creative touch on it.

Phillips then recorded some at his studio and guided them.

He then chose the parts best suited from each artiste for the different sections of the song.

Soverall said this is new to soca and is very cool because it builds and unites the industry.

“It is like how Michael Jackson did the We Are the World song which is more nation building but it is more industry building and uniting the soca fraternity.”


"Eight soca artistes collab on new track"

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