Police trying to identify man who died in PBR accident

File photo
File photo

Morvant Police are trying to identify man who died after an accident on the Priority Bus Route, Morvant, on Wednesday afternoon.

The man, who is of East Indian descent and has short grey hair, was sitting in the back seat on the right side of a maxi taxi when it collided with another maxi taxi which also collided with a grey Ford pickup truck.

Investigators said the man's head was badly damaged during the crash and he died at the scene.

The accident began when the pickup truck stopped behind a gold Nissan Almera which attempted to turn into the VMCOTT compound on the Priority Bus Route at around 3.30 pm.

While the car was turning, a maxi heading east collided with the truck, the car and another maxi in which the man was travelling.

Morvant police and fire officers were called to the scene.

A district medical officer went to the scene and declared the man dead.

Police said only one person who complained of feeling unwell was taken to the hospital after the crash.


"Police trying to identify man who died in PBR accident"

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