Golden Grove inmate died from pneumonia

An autopsy done on Jason Jones who was found dead in his prison cell at the Golden Grove maximum security prison on Monday last week, revealed that he died from pneumonia.

Prison Commissioner Dane Clarke told Newsday, Jones complained of feeling unwell and was taken to see medical personnel on Sunday.
Jones was discharged from the prison infirmary later that day and returned to his cell.

Newsday understands when Jones' cell mate was taken out of the cell by a prison officer at around 5 am the next day to begin work at the prison's ration room, Jones appeared to be in good health but was found dead when another prison officer found him while making his rounds.

Clarke is waiting on a report to determine whether Jones was later referred to a hospital.
He told Newsday it was common practice when someone complains of feeling sick, to first take them to the in-house doctors, then refer them to a hospital.
When he was taken to the infirmary, a doctor declared him dead.


"Golden Grove inmate died from pneumonia"

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