WASA CEO: Water restrictions enforced this dry season


WATER restrictions will be enforced for this dry season, acting Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) CEO Alan Poon King said.

He was speaking during a telephone interview with Newsday Monday.

"In the context of the dry season we will monitor usage consistent with the Act and water restrictions."

Asked if there would be policing of water fetes, which WASA said it would be looking into during the previous dry season, Poon King said "we are not specifically target anything".

He added: "We will be looking for breaches and enforce the law."

At the dry season and water management outlook for 2020 event held on Tuesday, Poon King said 30-40 people had been charged for breaches of water restrictions since they were implemented last year. He also reported that the penalties from the WASA Act of 1965 ranged from $75 to $225.

He told Newsday that over a number of years WASA has called for the Act to be reviewed, not only on fines but generally.

"We have made representation."

Public Utilities Minister Robert Le Hunte told Newsday the proposals from WASA are under review. He added that he does not believe that fines would be increased by the upcoming dry season.

He reiterated his statements from the water management outlook that he believed that a country cannot be run simply by increasing fines.

"There is a certain amount of responsibility we all need to take as citizens in doing the right thing."

He said there was also tremendous power which comes as a result of moral suasion from civic-minded citizens who put pressure on neighbours and other citizens.

"It does not take a fine to stop someone from deciding whether they want to go to a fete where they are wasting water or not."

He said the ministry is also encouraging people when they see people stealing water to call in and make the necessary report. He added that if those involved in the theft were contractors working for the government then actions would be taken.


"WASA CEO: Water restrictions enforced this dry season"

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