Teen mom, baby back home in Freeport

A 16-year-old girl and her nine-month-old son are safe and back at their Freeport home. This after they were reported missing on Monday by the police.

According to the teen's mother, her daughter returned home on Tuesday with the baby. The woman was thankful that her daughter and grandson are both safe.

She contacted Freeport police and filed a missing person report on Saturday after her daughter did not return home on Friday night. After a story was reported in the media, the teen contacted her mother to state she was fine and staying in San Fernando.

The woman said she had invested a lot of time, money and effort to bring up her daughter and she is hoping that the teen will return to school and complete her education.

“It is difficult to deal with teenagers who have a mind of their own and do not care to take the advice of their parents,” the mother said. She added that she went to the police because she was worried that her daughter and her grandson were kidnapped.


"Teen mom, baby back home in Freeport"

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