State nears end in Mala Mohammed’s murder trial

Mala Mohammed. -
Mala Mohammed. -

The State is close to closing its case against the two men accused of killing the wife of former supermarket owner Khalid “Uncle Khalid” Mohammed in 2004.

There are three more witnesses expected to testify at the trial of Sheldon Reed and Dane Swan who are before Justice Maria Wilson on an indictment for the murder of Mala Mohammed at her Edward Street, Princes Town, home on May 10, 2004.

Among the final witnesses for the State is Mohammed’s maid who was inside the house when her employer was shot dead in the driveway.

Testifying on Tuesday was Justice of the Peace Sasiparbha Arjoonsingh who supervised and certified a statement given by Swan.

According to prosecutors, both men gave confession statements admitting to being at Mohammed’s house, although neither of them admitted to the shooting.

Swan also allegedly accompanied the police to an area at the back of Mohammed’s house where he claimed to have disposed of pieces of his clothing after the killing.

Arjoonsingh said she went to the police station on February 16, 2005, where Swan was being held. She said she questioned Swan about his treatment by police while in their custody and asked if he volunteered to give his statement.

She said after Swan gave his version of the events, he was asked some 19 questions by the police, and the statement was signed by everyone in the room.

Arjoonsingh denied that officers promised Swan immunity from prosecution.

State attorneys Joy Balkaran and Candace Nanton are prosecuting. Defence attorney Wayne Sturge is representing Reed. Also appearing for the defence are Alexia Romero and Karunaa Bisramsingh.


"State nears end in Mala Mohammed’s murder trial"

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