Downtown 'lockdown'on Friday

THE EDITOR: Well it seems that once again anyone who wants to be in “town” on Friday will enter a “lockdown” city.

This is because of the ceremonial and unnecessary pomp to reopen the Red House.

It is not as if anyone entering the Red House will be doing so in order to work. Nope. Work will still not begin until another week passes.

So people, brace yourselves, no parking, no walking on the sidewalk near to the Red House. Traffic, traffic, and more traffic. Wrecking and more wrecking.

How come in this year 2020 we cannot get some respect from these lazy lawmakers? They just got six weeks of vacation – because why must they work in January? Already they are behind with the procurement legislation.

I feel that if they so desperately need some parade and costumes, then do that on a Sunday. Same for the stupid and wasteful opening of the Law Term. Do it on a Sunday.

Why not? None of them are going to work afterward anyway.

Shucks man.


St Joseph


"Downtown 'lockdown'on Friday"

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