Woman jumps off Mt Hope hospital

AN unidentified woman jumped from the Mount Hope Women’s Hospital on Tuesday, sustaining injuries which left doctors fighting to save her life.

Davlin Thomas, CEO of the North Central Regional Health Authority, said the woman had initially entered the emergency department of the nearby Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex. He said the woman presented herself in a psychotic state and without identifying herself, leaving staff to refer to her as a Jane Doe.

“She suddenly ran out. Doctors tried to hold her. She hid on the Mount Hope compound, while everyone searched for her.

“Just as officers found her, she ran into the Mount Hope Women’s Hospital and jumped off. She ran at a phenomenal speed.” Her great speed was shown by the fact she could elude the many people chasing after her, he said.

Thomas said the woman survived her fall, but was badly injured.

“She is still alive. They are performing surgery to try to keep her alive.”

He said fortunately the woman had jumped only from the first floor of the hospital, not any higher.

Thomas did not have at hand a detailed description of the woman.

“Our efforts right now are focussed on keeping her alive. We are trying to save her life, then we will try to identify her.”

Thomas related that psychotic patients can sometimes be super strong and very fast. Otherwise, he did not detect that the woman was a street dweller.


"Woman jumps off Mt Hope hospital"

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