Water fete penalty about the cost of one ticket

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THE PENALTY for breaching water restrictions, including the use of water for a "wet fete," is about the price of one wet fete ticket or less in some cases.

The issue of wet fetes was one of the topics discussed Monday at the dry season and water management outlook for 2020 media conference held at the ministry, St Clair.

Public Utilities Minister Robert Le Hunte said his PR personnel would all tell him to "say nothing."

"The penalties associated with people throwing water fetes admittedly are low."

He said it is something that needs to be looked at and the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) would like the rates to be raised immediately but the rates have not been raised. Le Hunte added that the level of consciousness about conservation has been raised in the country.

"We do not sell water to individuals to go and have water fetes. If somebody comes to us and says they want water to run a water fete we do not sell them water to have a water fete. That being said we would expect that people will act in a manner based on information that is to their best interest.

"And we could do as much as to speak about it but the reality is that we do need help. We need members of the press. When you are hearing about water fetes well you don't need the minister to stand up, you don't need to be quoting the minister to say 'stop it'. You could also in your own judgement say what is right and let us all work together to try and change and education the population as to what it is we do when we waste water."

WASA acting CEO Alan Poon King said the penalties were from the WASA Act of 1965 and these charges would still hold. He reported for breaches of various parts of the act the penalties range from $75 to $225 depending on the breach. The cost of a ticket for the Tribe water fete Hydrate last year was about $200. The cost of the recently held Soaka Till Sunrise fete was about $600.

He reported that since water restrictions were implemented last year about 30-40 people were charged with wasting water though he did not have information offhand on the number of illegal disconnections.


"Water fete penalty about the cost of one ticket"

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