Political divisiveness hurting TT

THE EDITOR: In the midst of all our challenges, as a people, the vision and power that lies in unity seems to be eluding us. It is said, "A house divided will never stand” and this also apt for a people and nation. One of the harsh realities we must come to terms with is the fact that many of our politicians hope for a divided society for their own political gain.

When we look at our two major political parties, both have a major ethic following which shows we are greatly divided along lines of race in terms of our politics. This can only redound to our own detriment.

I am not convinced that the two major political parties have a desire or ambition to change the status quo. They revel when people declare, “I am a so and so till I die” (referring to a political party).This mentality only serves to crippling our nation by dividing us as a people.

When I stain my finger on election day it is for the betterment of life and the progress of the country. It is not about an individual or a party, but in choosing a party whose members I feel, can get the job done if elected. I do not vote based on skin colour, eye colour or texture of hair.

To move away from a culture of race and voting along racial lines will take maturity and banishing racial prejudices from one's mind. But in the meantime, I appeal to our politicians and our people. Please, look in the mirror and examine yourselves. If we want to see positive change which we crave, it must begin at the individual stage. Let us stop crippling TT by dividing it.


San Juan


"Political divisiveness hurting TT"

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