Duke wants Rowley intervene in PNM elections

Watson Duke  -
Watson Duke -

Minority Leader Watson Duke has called on the Prime Minister to intervene to ensure "free and fair" PNM internal elections in Tobago.

Almost 24 hours after polls closed on Sunday there has been no word on who will lead the PNM Tobago Council for the next four years. The painstaking delay has resulted in a lot of grumbling among PNM members. It is estimated close to 10,000 PNM members were eligible to vote.

Duke, the political leader of the Progressive Democratic Patriots, in a video on his Facebook page on Monday afternoon, said even though the PNM and PDP are "on opposing sides of the political fence, we wish the PNM no evil in their internal elections."

He said there have been rumours certain members are trying to steal the elections and this allegation needs to be properly addressed.

"It is cause for concern given that the PNM people are also members of Tobago society and as such, they have the right to a free and fair electoral process. They are the ones who should come away as the winners."

Duke claimed a PNM member reached out to him on Sunday night to discuss the PNM elections.

"Whenever they are disenchanted they find the Minority Leader and they complain about their disenchantment. It does not mean they will change their vote, but they express themselves and I listen."

"They said that counting process may take a long time and that counting process may end up in court because none of the candidates wants to lose. They have all spent lots of money. I want to know where they get that money from."

Duke advised Dr Rowley, "Please take note of Tobago. Your members are unhappy and they've been unhappy for a very long time. They took to the polls in droves and they have voted. Do not take their vote lightly. You should get involved and ensure the process is properly manned. It is reported people are trying to steal the election hence they are delaying the count of the vote. I appeal to you as a Tobago brother, please look into this. It is unsolicited, so you can take it or reject it."


"Duke wants Rowley intervene in PNM elections"

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