TTUTA: Poor maintenance to blame for Couva West Sec

Antonia DeFreitas
Antonia DeFreitas

President of the TT Unified Teachers' Association (TTUTA) Antonia De Freitas said her association is prepared to work with the Ministry of Education in rectifying issues at the Couva West Secondary School.

Responding to a media release issued by the Education Ministry on Saturday, De Freitas said TTUTA was ready and willing to collaborate with the ministry, parents and other stakeholders to come up with solutions to challenges facing infrastructure problems at the school.

"TTUTA stands ready and willing to collaborate with the Ministry of Education and other stakeholders, to develop viable solutions to challenges facing this and other institutions. The education of our young citizens and the welfare of our teachers are always at the forefront of our advocacy for safe schools.

The ministry's media release suggested that the challenges facing the Couva West Secondary School began in 2013, with the release describing works done at the school as "poor work."

In her response De Freitas attributed disrepair at the school to inconsistent and inadequate maintenance work.

"The problems of the Couva West Secondary School, and other similar plants, have been exacerbated due to inadequate maintenance of the infrastructure over a prolonged period. This neglect has jeopardised the health and safety of students and teachers," she said.


"TTUTA: Poor maintenance to blame for Couva West Sec"

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