Morvant launches upgraded community complex

Digicel Foundation's Guy Small presents Morvant Central Community Complex president Pamela Rochard with a Digicel gift certificate for free Internet for one year.  - Angelo Marcelle
Digicel Foundation's Guy Small presents Morvant Central Community Complex president Pamela Rochard with a Digicel gift certificate for free Internet for one year. - Angelo Marcelle

A joyous mood pervaded over the upgraded Morvant Central Community Complex as it was launched last Friday.

Through the EPIC programme of the Digicel Foundation (DF), the Morvant Central Community Council (MCCC) is now embarking on opening a smart school and a soup kitchen for starters, then looking to expand its spaces for more community activities.

Jesse Daniel, vice-president, MCCC, said the council has a very long history of service to the community dating back to 1949.

He added the body was resurrected in 2015 and, since then to now, there was the re-branding of the Embacadere Children’s Play Park to Nurse McIntyre Play Park, paying homage to the elder who raised many children in the community.

Daniel also praised the council for holding several events in the past, including one for emancipation, an end of year celebration, the first Morvant Got Talent contest and a long-standing awards function where some members of the community were honoured.

In 2017/2018 there was a lull of council activities because, Daniel said, the council didn’t have a place to call home and it became very challenging to get anything done.

He vowed though, with the new accommodations, to ignite the spirit of the community to the benefit of all.

He said, “We want to remove the stigma that has become associated with Morvant because it is still one of the best kept secrets in the country.”

MCCC president, Pamela Rochard shared Daniel’s views, admitting while the council has struggled in the past, but after linking with the DF and then receiving an EPIC grant, they worked hard to get the complex to what it is.

In March 2016, the DF launched the community initiative entitled: EPIC - Extraordinary Projects Impacting Communities, aimed at delivering a series of small scale community-based projects that have the potential to enhance indoor and outdoor spaces, and contribute toward the development of communities throughout TT.

Rochard urged all present, “Help us to ignite the spirit of Morvant. Morvant is still one of the best places to live.”

She thanked the DF but unashamedly begged for more assistance in the form of an aircondition unit.

Rochard admitted that the council’s work is far from finished since the soup kitchen and the smart classroom have to be equipped.

Cindy-Ann Currency, operations manager, DF, congratulated the council, the community and MP Adrian Leonce for the work done in getting the complex going.

As a person who grew up in the community herself, Currency recalled with pride those early years, adding, “We have to get the community to support further to get the AC units needed.

She also expressed her happiness at the setting up of the smart classroom and the soup kitchen.

Currency then surprised all present by giving a gift certificate for one year free Digicel home entertainment and broadband service for use in the complex.

Currency said since the start of DF in 2012, it has spent US$3.37 million, impacting 500,000 people via 330 projects in TT.

EPIC has contributed US$386,000.

Thomas Bailey, a representative from the community, said, “We need to do what is necessary to make where we live what it is supposed to be.”

He praised the young people for their involvement in community efforts, as well as the older heads in the community for their guidance, adding,“There is no sweeter place than Morvant. Let’s ensure what we started here will see it to the end.”


"Morvant launches upgraded community complex"

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