Kambon to retire as ESC head

Khafra Kambon -
Khafra Kambon -

Khafra Kambon will retire as the chair of the Emancipation Support Committee of TT (ESCTT) and Zakiya Uzoma-Wadada has been appointed the committee’s executive chair. This was announced in a release on the committee’s Facebook page on Friday. Kambon's retirement will become effective on February 26, it said.

He has been the organisation’s chair since its inception in 1992.

The release added, “His experience and wisdom will not be lost to the board, however. In addition to performing any required tasks, he has accepted the appointment of senior advisor on Pan African Affairs to continue strengthening the links between TT, the African diaspora and the African continent.

“He will also continue to lead the organisation’s work on racial justice and human rights, with the human rights of undocumented migrants, particularly those from the African continent, Haiti and other Caribbean countries as a special point of focus.”

Uzoma-Wadada is the holder of an MSc in agriculture and rural development. She has been the organisation’s executive director for the past 15 years and has worked with other development-oriented civil-society organisations particularly the Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI) and the Caribbean Network for Integrated Rural Development (CNIRD).

The ESCTT will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1970 Black Power Revolution this year. The release said the anniversary will be observed “through educational fora, visual and performance arts, mass media and every available means of projecting information.”


"Kambon to retire as ESC head"

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