Cops not baffled over doctors' kidnapping

Dr Rudradeva Sharma -
Dr Rudradeva Sharma -

POLICE say they are not confused over the attempted kidnapping of two doctors in San Fernando, last week.

According to a media release issued by the police on Sunday, investigators maintain that they have a good understanding of the events leading up to the abduction of Dr Rudradeva Sharma and Dr Prem Naidoo.

The release stated that contrary to the contents of a newspaper article, investigators are not baffled over the matter and deputy Commissioner of Police Operations Jayson Forde supported the initial version of events reported.

He said, "Both doctors went to Pleasantville, purchased a quantity of marijuana, then proceeded to Rushworth Street Extension, where they parked the vehicle and began smoking their marijuana.

"Whilst smoking, they were accosted by three men who robbed them and tied them up. One of the men, accompanied by his two accomplices and the bounded doctors, drove the doctor’s vehicle north along the Solomon Hochoy Highway.

"Upon reaching the area of Macaulay, the vehicle lost control and crashed. All parties on board were injured. One of the doctors and one of the robbers subsequently died."

Sharma, 38, died when the vehicle crashed around 1.50 am last Wednesday.

Naidoo, 37, ofPalmiste and the three suspects were taken to the San Fernando General Hospital for treatment.

One of the suspects, identified as Akeem Marine, 19, of Lady Hailes Avenue, San Fernando, died from his injuries. He was a known firearm offender.

Naidoo was since been discharged.


"Cops not baffled over doctors’ kidnapping"

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