3 more killed in south Trinidad

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THREE brutal murders in south TT, including the decapitation of a man, have now taken the murder toll to 27 for the year.

Dead are Akim Mc Donald, 32 of Claxton Bay, Kevon King, 30 of Marabella, and the headless body of a man found in Santa Flora remains unidentified.

On Sunday afternoon at about 3 pm, Mc Donald was standing to the side of the roadway when a car pulled up in front of him. Reports said three men came out of the car, armed with guns. Eyewitnesses said Mc Donald tried to run but the men followed him and began shooting.

Police said Mc Donald was shot five times to the head. He died on the spot.

His stepmother Deann Ansola, 57, who lives nearby, said she received a telephone call from her friend who told her stepson was shot and killed and his body was lying in the middle of the road.

The killing took place near to the Claxton Bay Health Centre and the St Margaret’s Police Station.

“I got dressed and rushed to the scene and saw him on the road. He was already dead.”

Ansola said her stepson worked in Claxton Bay with a man selling batteries. “It seems as if these men wanted him dead. Crime in this country just keeps getting worse every day. This is a young man who had children. Now his children will not grow up with a father,” she lamented.

She said he was a dedicated and hardworking father.

Ansola said every day she turned on the television "is always some killing and now look it has hit home."

She hopes that the police arrest the killers and her stepson gets justice.

Almost seven hours earlier, at Monty Street in Marabella, King, also called "Stiffy" was found dead near his home.

Residents reported hearing gunshots before they found King's body lying in a track, covered in blood.

Police said he was shot once to the chest.

On Saturday night, two hunters stumbled upon the headless body of a man in the Santa Flora forest.

Police said the body, which was in an advanced state of decomposition, was clad in a blue coverall.

Investigators said the discovery was made about 8.30 pm. They believe the man was decapitated and his body dumped in the forest.

Police are asking members of the public with missing relatives to contact the nearest police station.

The bodies of all three men were ordered to the Forensic Science Centre. Up to Sunday night, police were questioning several people to gather clues to solve the murders.

According to police, the murder toll now stands at 27.

Police from the Homicide Region Three are investigating.


"3 more killed in south Trinidad"

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