The ship is sinking

THE EDITOR: The Government has said on many recent occasions that devaluation of the TT dollar is not on its agenda. Can we believe it?

Our economy is in free fall: The country is bleeding forex, oil revenue is being loss, the manufacturing sector is under-performing (it has shown some improvement but could do a lot better; the TTMA needs to find areas to compete more in international markets), the food import bill – for items that can and should be grown locally – is staggering, there is loss of revenue through inefficiency and carelessness (more like indifference), crime is out of control and is a topic of regular conversation at the family dinner table and other social events.

And there are more job cuts looming in the energy sector, and groceries are engaging in price gouging.

Carnivals all over the world make money – Brazil and New Orleans, for example – yet ours loses money.

It’s just more of the same – inefficiency and inexperience. No plan or new ideas to pull us out of this malaise.

We just sit and watch the slide. To quote Gypsy’s calypso, “the ship is sinking.”

When are we going to feel confident about our future? Can someone, anyone, provide an intelligent answer?

Let’s have a televised debate among the political leaders, if they have the courage to face the electorate and stop the BS.


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"The ship is sinking"

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