Opposition parties distance themselves from 'random shootings'

Anita Haynes
Anita Haynes

TWO opposition parties firmly distanced themselves from allegations by National Security Minister Stuart Young that someone was trying to destabilise this society by getting criminals to commit random shootings. Young, at Thursday’s post-cabinet briefing at the Diplomatic Centre, St Ann’s, asked who gained most from destabilisation, and reporters then asked if it had a political angle.

UNC PRO Anita Haynes told Newsday Young’s remarks were highly irresponsible and alarmingly went beyond his usual excuses for failing to curb crime.

“What Minister Young is alluding to is dangerous, is destructive to our society and is the most pathetic attempt to cover their incompetence so far.”

She said she had listed to the briefing.

“The point of post-cabinet ought to be for the Government to report to the people of TT what they intend to do about the spiralling crime. Four years have passed but they have done nothing but make excuse after excuse.”

Saying Young’s remarks now went beyond excuses, she hit, “This is very dangerous for our democracy.”

Haynes said Young’s remarks now sets a tone for their campaigning in an election year, to play the blame game and to make excuses.

“We can categorically deny any of those claims.

“To put anybody in the position to have to deny something like that is dangerous for our national security and the country.”

She said the UNC would have a news conference on Friday.

MSJ head David Abdulah likewise flatly denied any involvement.

“The MSJ is not in that. That question should not even arise,” he said.

“Anyone who is in a position of responsibility in Government or elsewhere ought not to make statements that are so controversial without providing good information or hard evidence.”

Calls to Police Commissioner Gary Griffith went unanswered.

Later the UNC issued a statement titled, "Inept Young a danger to democracy."

The UNC said, "Stuart Young is a danger to our democracy and is unfit to hold any public office in TT. During this tenure as Minister of National Security crime has spiralled out of control and rather than do the dignified and respectable thing and resign he has opted for scandal and propaganda."

It added the Rowley regime spent recent years making excuses for their incompetence, ineptitude, and failure but offered no solutions.

Crime has spiralled under this Government which does not know how to govern.

"They’ve blamed the former Government, and used every tactic to try to distract and deflect, but the people of TT know better.

"The Rowley regime has now resorted to using the post Cabinet media briefing to make unfounded claims and spurious allegations."

The UNC said after the briefing, the nation must wonder if Cabinet's time is spent in gossip and fearmongering.

The statement said the briefing ought to say what is being done to curb the mayhem TT is witnessing.

"Instead we got dangerous political propaganda showing Young is not fit to hold any office. The entire nation is fed up of this brand of politics. The people have had enough. They are tired of living in fear while the Government dithers. The Prime Minister should call the elections since he and his clueless team cannot do the work."


"Opposition parties distance themselves from ‘random shootings’"

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