Nothing is free, not even schols

THE EDITOR: Apart from government providing 400 scholarships every year for our young people, there are parents who sacrifice and pay for their children to go to universities anywhere in the world. The problem of guaranteed employment hits a snag upon qualifying because of the size of TT.

There are hundreds, nay thousands of hospitals, big and small, out there in the large First World countries. There will come a time in TT (already here) when there are too many medical graduates and insufficient hospitals and indeed patients, to go around. What year will we have to begin declining applications to study medicine?

We cannot build a hospital in every main city as we still will not have enough patients. Private hospitals can only take up so much of the slack. They too need sufficient paying patients to remain in business.

Can taxpayers continue to fund medical training when the young people cannot find gainful employment right here at home? Nothing is for free. Never could it have been imagined that one would say there is no money in medicine or that there is a glut of doctors.

I do not want to even walk down that road about citizens pursuing law degrees. End of story.


Diego Martin


"Nothing is free, not even schols"

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