Man shot by police after escaping custody

A 21-year-old Longdenville man was shot dead by police after he escaped custody on Thursday.

Police sources told Newsday Jamaal Baptiste, of Church St Longdenville, was arrested along with two other relatives at about 9 am on Thursday. Newsday was told they were held after reports were made that they were allegedly terrorising the family of a woman on the same street with whom he had a failed relationship.

At about 3 pm, while he was being processed at a police station, Baptiste escaped police custody.

Police engaged in a manhunt for him which took them near D Junction Muffler shop on Caparo Valley Road, Longdenville.

Police sources said while they were searching from him he jumped out from behind a piece of plywood, located under a calabash tree and pointed a gun at the police officers.

Police, afraid for their lives, opened fire on the man and shot him multiple times.

Police immediately took him to the Chaguanas Health Facility where he died, less than an hour after he escaped police.

A pistol and a quantity of ammunition was found at the scene.

Baptiste was the seventh man to be killed by police for the year.


"Man shot by police after escaping custody"

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