Gunman talk causes scare at Sando hospital

File photo: The San Fernando General Hospital.
File photo: The San Fernando General Hospital.

There were tense moments at the San Fernando General Hospital (SFGH) on Thursday morning as rumours that a relative of one of the suspects in the doctor's kidnapping and murder was on the corridor of the hospital with a gun.

Doors to the wards were shut and visitors prevented from entering as a search of the compound was reportedly carried out by security on the compound. Staff cowered in their corners afraid to venture out. Doctors told the Newsday they want the South West Regional Health Authority (SWRHA) to reveal to them the plans for their safety.

One of the suspects in the kidnapping of two doctors and the subsequent death of Dr Rudradeva Sharma is still warded at hospital where the doctors worked. He is under police guard. One of his accomplices has died and a third discharged into the custody of the police.

Police did not confirm the incident, but doctors said they were afraid.

“Many of us come from rural areas, Penal, Fyzabad, La Brea. We work the graveyard shift. When we get to the hospital most nights to take up our shift the security guards are asleep. When we are leaving at midnight they are asleep. What is there to prevent us from being followed and attacked?

“There is no proper security system at the hospital. The SWRHA has no security plans to protect doctors. We no longer feel safe.”

The SWRHA in a statement on Wednesday said it would increase security but underscored that the doctors were not accosted and kidnapped from the hospital compound.

The doctor also said that colleagues of Dr Sharma were tormented by their oath to save lives and treat the men who took the lives of their colleague.

The Medical Professionals Association (MPATT) in a statement also commented on the stressful and volatile situation their colleagues faced, especially those involved in the treatment of the alleged suspects. MPATT said it was saddened by the incident and called for swift justice.


"Gunman talk causes scare at Sando hospital"

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