Court orders more banks to provide info on Chinese firm

Justice Ricky Rahim. -
Justice Ricky Rahim. -

SIX local banks have now been ordered by a High Court judge to disclose information on any account held by a Chinese contractor and its directors.

Justice Ricky Rahim on Thursday extended a Norwich Pharmacal order to Chinese contractor China Building Technique Group TT Ltd (CBL) and its director, Huaixin Ji, to include four more banks, bringing to six the number of banks served with the order.

The purpose of the order is to trace all funds held by China Building Technique Group Company Ltd (CBT) and its directors, who are accused of fraudulently collecting a cheque for $9 million for work done on the St Joseph Secondary School.

According to the judge’s order, the banks are to disclose information of CBT and its directors to CBL and Ji and allow them to take copies of correspondence between the respective bank and any agent of CBT and its directors as well as another company, Jiangsu Gold Civil Construction Group TT, relating to any account held from May 20, 2019.

The banks are also to provide all account statements, cheques drawn, debit and credit vouchers, transfer applications, orders, internal memos and any supporting documents on any accounts.

Rahim had previously granted an injunction to prevent the Chinese contractor, the company he incorporated, and his colleague, from disappearing with the $9.8 million.

Ji said he feared he will not get his $9,862,000 owed to his company for work done on the school. The money was paid by the Education Facilities Company Ltd, through the National Maintenance Training and Security Co, to Ji’s project manager who was authorised to do so on behalf of CBL. However, according to Ji’s claim, his employee and the Chinese contractor, a former director of CBL, registered another company with a similar name, and de-registered his company without his knowledge or permission.

His claim against his former colleagues and the company, which bears the name of a company based in Beijing, China, includes allegations of fraud, unjust enrichment, and breach of contract of employment, breach of fiduciary duties, conversion and misappropriation of property.

The injunction remains in place until the judge further orders and Ji and his company also sought to have the court include any property held by the men and their company in the freezing order granted.

The matter will again come up for hearing on April 9.

One of the directors was arrested on December 8 at Piarco International Airport as he attempted to leave the country. He was charged by the Fraud Squad, and has been denied bail by a Port of Spain magistrate.

According to the charge against him is that on diverse days between January 30-December 8, 2019, together with others, conspired to defraud China Building Technique Group TT Ltd (CBL) of $9.8 million being the proceeds of a bank manager’s cheque made payable to China Building Technique Group.

Forgery charges have also been laid relating to documents used to obtain a work permit as well as vehicle insurance.

Ji’s project manager still cannot be found and it is believed he has fled TT.

Representing Ji and CBT are Senior Counsel John Jeremie, Laurissa Mollenthiel and Rondelle Keller.


"Court orders more banks to provide info on Chinese firm"

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