Come together to save TT

THE EDITOR: The sun no longer shines on this land. In fact, there has been an unusual type of rain blowing across our shores with contemporaneous evil, criminal intent and lawlessness reigning. And if “God is a Trini” then it certainly seems that he or she has been on vacation for the past four years.

Never before has this country been so restless, agitated and nervous. We are a people stressed and distressed, distraught and anxious as a volcanic rush of criminality spills and spits blood unto the land. This is now a time for action. If ever there was a time when we needed to come together to rid this evil scourge, it is now.

Let us face the facts. The Keith Rowley experiment of 2015 has failed. Four years at the helm in which we were treated to an unrestrained display of political bungling, and fumbling mismanagement, incompetence, secrecy, mystery, inconsistency and where political distraction became the name of the game, practised sometimes without shame.

We cannot allow this continue. Not for us. Not for our children. Sometime ago, I had the honour and the privilege to serve as an Opposition Senator. I resigned after a very short stint citing personal and private reasons. It is perhaps a decision that I regret now as I had an opportunity to articulate from Parliament the calamitous and cataclysmic misfortunes and failures of the Rowley-led government.

When your place of work becomes as much a frightening place to be, as is already your home and there is a dreadful possibility of being kidnapped and killed after a day on the job, there can be no more “personal and private” reasons for political hibernation.

There comes a time in the lives of men and indeed women, when they must stand up for what is right and against that which is wrong. This is that time. This is the time to stand up and be counted. I am standing again and I want to be counted. Let us all stand.

Particularly those who have espoused with mellifluous eloquence an interest to make this country a better place. Whether you are Vasant Bharath or Mikela Panday, whether you are wrong or you are right, whether you black, brown or white. This is the time.

This is not the time to pontificate from the mountainous tip of political morality or to engage in scientific and prehistoric debates about the relevance of third parties. This is not the time to engage in the politics of cynicism and distrust but in the politics of hope. This is a time to come together to learn from yesterday, to live for today and to plan for a better tomorrow.

Let not our differences divide us. Let us instead be united by collective hope. And perhaps, just perhaps, that might be the pillar upon which a foundation for a brighter tomorrow can be built.

Ashvani Mahabir



"Come together to save TT"

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