Women, push back against degrading lyrics

THE EDITOR: It is not only soca music that can influence men to abuse women.

I believe listening to songs regularly that put down the female gender can have a negative effect on some men’s behaviour. However, I do not believe that music and lyrics alone are contributing to the increase in domestic violence in TT, resulting sometimes in murder.

Everyone has the power of choice and those who have gone down this road cannot pass the buck. They could have resisted.

One of the main contributors in my opinion is upbringing. If people grew up in an abusive environment they too can become abusive. At the same time, there are those who came from abusive homes but recognised this is wrong and acted differently.

As for degrading lyrics, the women need to take a stand. There are many forums for their voices to be heard. The women must push back.

The ball is in their court. They have the power.


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"Women, push back against degrading lyrics"

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