St James Children’s Carnival in doubt

A notice saying the St James Children’s Carnival has been cancelled has made Carnival stakeholders very concerned.

The annual event has been a staple in Carnival for well over 20 years, and has attracted thousands of young masqueraders as well as spectators who flock to St James for the event.

But in Wednesday's newspapers, the notice from the St James Children’s Carnival Committee, advised all children, bandleaders, DJs, judges, PoS Leos and sponsors that the event was cancelled.

Tony Alleng, who, at one time, was a part of the St James Working Council that was responsible for promoting the event, said, “Something in my spirit told me this was going to happen. But to cancel it is not making any sense.

"I have been bombarded with calls about registration, but the situation is being addressed at the level of the National Carnival Commission (NCC) through its Regional Carnivals Committee and the Carnival Bands Organisation (TTCBO).”

Wearing the hat of member of the St James Community Improvement Committee (St James CIC), he added, “We want to be able, through the regional Carnivals arm of the NCC, to reverse the decision."

He insisted the cancellation "cannot happen.”

He said Rosalind Gabriel of the TTCBO who also sits on the NCC board was doing what she could to make the event happen.

Alleng said: “Once it is agreed upon, the easiest thing is the registration. Then we get the police to give the okay. Once every thing is in place, and with the support of the TTCBO and the NCC Regional Carnivals body the event will take place on February 16.

Anthony Ferguson, president of the St James CIC, also told Newsday his organisation was looking to reverse the decision to cancel the event.

He said: “We will be having an internal meeting on Friday, after which a statement will be issued.

"Our information is that the person who was instrumental in producing the event every year is abroad and unable to return to TT. But there is concern among the stakeholders. Therefore, we are treating the situation with urgency to have the decision to cancel the event reversed.”


"St James Children’s Carnival in doubt"

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