Chance's children get govt assistance

Wayne Chance. -
Wayne Chance. -

Government is keeping their promise to support the children of deceased Vison on a Mission founder, Wayne Chance.

In a release sent to the media on Wednesday, the office of the PM said Social Development Minister Camille Robinson-Regis secured approval from Cabinet to provide financial assistance to Chance’s three children.

The release said Chance’s children, ages nine, ten and 13, will each receive a stipend each month equivalent to the monthly subvention paid for children placed in community residences.

The sum will be reviewed every three years, and will be paid to the children until they turn 18.

“Many times people working with the less fortunate make tremendous personal and professional sacrifices which also impact negatively on their families, and following their demise, these families are left to fend for themselves. The Ministry of Social Development and Family Services believes that, in keeping with the Prime Minister’s promise, there is an obligation to ensure that not only does the work of Vision on Mission continue, but that Mr Chance’s family receives some of the very assistance their father provided to so many others,” Robinson-Regis said via the release.

Robinson Regis is expected to meet with Chance’s widow, Giselle Chance to finalise arrangements for the assistance.

Chance died on November 24 after battling with cancer. His NGO, Vision on a Mission worked with people who had just gotten out of prison, and assisted them in reintegrating with society.

In 2010 he got the Hummingbird Medal Silver, for his work in community service.


"Chance’s children get govt assistance"

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