5 years and still waiting for ourgratuity

THE EDITOR: Yet again I have to highlight the non-payment of gratuity benefits to the former Special Anti Crime Unit of TT (SAUTT) workers. The contract period in question is 2011-2014.

So far five years and three months have elapsed and all we have gotten from the Police Service contract and finance departments are lame excuses. It is beyond ridiculous the length of time this matter is taking to be resolved. It is clear to me that the managers in both departments are failures and should resign or be fired.

It cannot be justified the length of time it is taking to pay people their outstanding gratuity money. No wonder TT is considered a backward Fifth World country. Something as simple as paying a gratuity is taking over five years.

The two departments seem to believe it is a favour they are doing in calculating the gratuity. Bear in mind that it was the Police Service that was in a hurry to offer the former SAUTT workers contracts. And now we have to practically beg for our gratuity. This is very unfair and frustrating.

Those department need to put their house in order and stop playing games with the former SAUTT workers.


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"5 years and still waiting for ourgratuity"

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