3 teens shot dead in Wallerfield

Police are at the scene of a shooting which claimed the lives of three teenagers at Muller Trace, Demerara Road in Wallerfield on Thursday morning.

One is 15 years old and the other two are 19. A fourth man, who was also shot, was taken to hospital.

Details are still sketchy at this time, but the dead have, so far, been identified as Dimitri Archibald, Jordan Archibald and Nyron Samuel.

Marlon Cust is at hospital.

Newsday was told the four were at a house when men, dressed as police officers, arrived in a white Nissan X-Trail.

Several shots were fired and the assailants fled the scene.

Newsday is at the scene of the murders and will bring you additional details as they become available.


"3 teens shot dead in Wallerfield"

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