Together we can help the victims escape

THE EDITOR: The poem below is dedicated to the victims of gender-based violence and their loved ones.

An individual can only escape from adverse situations if others extend a helping hand to assist in empowering that individual’s life and to show that someone cares.

One person or group can make a difference. Let our voices be heard and let us take a stand against injustice or any violation on human rights. Together we can support each other.


Looking through this window

Drowning in a river of tears

My bruises begin to show

Silenced by my fears

Looking at this door

How can I hide?

I cannot take anymore

Wondering what is outside.

Looking at my face

I no longer recognise

I cannot stay in this place

I am tired of the lies.

Looking deep inside

I feel guilt and shame

Yet I have no pride

Myself I blame.

Looking in my empty purse

My emotional scars take shape

Every day is my worst

As I plan my escape.


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"Together we can help the victims escape"

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